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Welcome to Trevor Burch Photography
Originally i started in my 20's which was many years ago with a Zenith EM SLR. I then stopped for some time and picked it up again about 10 years ago when i met my now wife. Then my first digital SLR was a Minolta 5D which i took many good photographs with and some were used on my first Exhibition in Sudbury Suffolk. I progressed to a NIKON D300 and so did my photography by starting to do work for Tractor magazine.
In 2010 i created a Sudbury Calendar which each month showing a different view of Sudbury. This seemed to be very popular at the local Tourist Information Centre and they quite often told me of the people who bought the Calendar to send to friends abroad to show them the local scenes.
I have covered many Rallies for the Tractor mag such as woolpit, Long Melford & Barleylands. Another event which i have followed for some years is the Ladies' tractor road run at Thorpe Abbotts in Norfolk, this is in aid of Breast Cancer Research and is gaining in popularity. Some time ago i was commissioned by BBC Countryfile for an article for them about a gentleman who makes coracles using original techniques and some ancient tools.
I have done second Exhibition in sudbury mainly using local scenes photographed in HDR, which is a very interesting technique and helps when there is little light.
There is a Horticultural society in Sudbury of whom i have done a talk on photography for them and i now regulary Judge their photograph competitions each year.
Although a lot of my Photo's are of local scenes my wife and i do travel, and occasional long walk. And every now and then we come across a interesting shot which just has to be added to the collection.
My eldest step son enjoys doing the 4x4 winch challenges, which involve lots of mud and driving at rather sharp angles. This is quite a challenge as the light changes rapidly under the trees and i get a chance to get in the mud also. But i also enjoy in supplying him with photo's and a disc showing what he got up to.
My recent purchases were a Nikon D800 36.3meg Full frame pro camera which produces amazing detail in photographs especially when using the RAW file mode and this is what i mainly use for all my photograph's. As for the new lenses 1 was a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 AF-S, which is excellent for portraits, and a 24mm f2.8 AF-D plus a 20mm f2.8 AF-D, these are great for infared photography.
My Full Pro spec NIKON D4 is my back up camera.
Recently i have started to commercial work where a local hotel required photographs of interiors and exterior for their web site. Then a local company who make dice commissioned me to photographs for them to hang on the walls or possibly in the catalogue. The light tent, and macro lens came in handy to photograph the dice. A job that i was asked to undertake was to photograph a companies fleet of vehicles. As i have not tried to take this form of photo before i had to figure out the best way to take the shot. After trying various lenses my idea was to use a 24-70mm lens and take a set of photograph's to be stitched together later in photoshop. This was a great idea which produced the desired effect
I have recently started to take jewellery photographs using a Macro 105mm lens. Then the shots are taken using the photo stacking technique which is quite effective
For me photography is very satisfying and it gives me great pleasure when i see people enjoying my work. I enjoy a good challenge with taking photograph's for just about any requirement from a customer.

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