Landscape HDR


Sat 26 Aug 2017
comecial property photography

A few weeks ago i had a phone call from a gentleman of the name of Richard Doubleday about some nice warm photographs of the cabin, of which he...

Sat 8 Apr 2017
Commercial photography

Last July i found myself extremely ill due unfortunately having a tummy bug. This lead to having a huge eye problem where my left eye was stuck...

Sun 8 May 2016
Local Photos Local views

I was recently approached by Dave Gooderham who wanted to know if i would consider letting him use a couple of my photographs for a charity walk...

Sat 27 Feb 2016
Commercial vehicle photography

I was recently approached by a Gentleman who wished some internal photographs of his classic car collection. Once we had settled a day for when i...

Sun 1 Nov 2015
Commercial photographs

This morning when i looked out the window the mist was so thick over the meadows so i decided breakfast first then out for a walk.
The light...

Fri 12 Jun 2015
Commercial wildlife photography

My wife and i have been watching Springwatch for many years but when they started at Minsmere well thats a place that we have visited many many...

Mon 4 May 2015
Commercial jewellery Photography

This Saturday i found myself with a small bracelet of hearts and 2 dress rings to photograph. so this called for a visit to Juniper Flowers in...

Sun 26 Apr 2015
Product Commercial Photography

Last Year i had a idea for a photograph using hops and beer and then made a list of items that i needed for the shot. Once i got a good fresh...

Mon 13 Apr 2015
Commercial jewellery photography

After the initial photographs of the Amethyst Jewellery i decided to crop the shots to show off the items in more detail.
It does show off...

Sun 5 Apr 2015
Commercial Jewellery Photography

I have recently doing more Jewelly photograph's where i have tried to be more creative. It started with using Oyster shells to use as a bed for a...


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